The Vision

The Vision – a snapshot

At over 140 acres the Purfleet Centre Regeneration Project site presents a unique opportunity to deliver a transformational development within the Thames Gateway. Delivering Purfleet-on-Thames will create a new waterfront destination on the River Thames; an international creative hub and high quality new residential neighbourhoods with placemaking at its core.

Sharing Thurrock Council’s vision the project is about creating a desirable place to live and work that capitalise on Purfleet’s natural advantages that include:

The Vision — developing it further

Building on Thurrock Council’s vision of delivering a new town centre and high quality new residential neighbourhoods in Purfleet, the PCRL project team have worked extensively to develop a collective vision for the future of Purfleet-on-Thames.

Working closely with a range of stakeholders from the local community and Thurrock Council, through to the Environment Agency and RSPB, the team aimed to maximise the potential beneficial impact of the scheme on the local area.  This led to a series of key ambitions that are the foundation of the evolving design:

These ambitions will help ensure PCRL deliver a development that transforms Purfleet from a congested and disjointed semi-industrial landscape into a desirable place to live and work, where people can create enduring roots and which is in harmony with its natural surroundings.

The Vision – masterplan summary

The vision for Purfleet-on-Thames includes:

In February 2018, the PCRL project team held a public event in St Stephen’s Church Hall to explain more about the Purfleet-on-Thames vision.  The presentation boards for that event can be found here.

What is your Vision?

What is your vision for the future of Purfleet? Visit the Our Purfleet section and The Community section to discover ways in which we are working with you to capture your vision. This includes your interactive community inspiration board where you can share that vision.

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